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At Lowry Training we have on offer fully funded RQF Awards, Certificates and Diplomas for all Care Staff at all different levels:


Level 2 Diploma in Care

The Level 2 Diploma in Care is the equivalent to, as some refer as the NVQ level 2 in Health and Social Care. It covers the mandatory units as recognised by the Awarding Bodies, Skills for Care and CQC and the optional units can be discussed with managers and learners although it is worth noting that some of the short courses can be used as part of their optional units.

Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care

The level 3 is the natural progression from the Level 2 although for those with experience in working in social care. 

Individuals can jump to a level 3 if deemed suitable dependent on job role and responsibilities. This will be determined by an interview with the assessor.

Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management in Health & Social Care

The Level 5 Diploma again is aimed at current managers and those aspiring to be one that may have responsibilities that a manager may hold within a care setting as some of the units will require this such as managing finances and hosting team meetings. Similar to that in terms of effort required to do the Level 4 Diploma, it is the qualification that CQC look for managers to hold.


Level 2 Certificate in Assisting & Moving in Health & Social Care

​This course contains information that will allow the learner to gain knowledge of moving and positioning individuals in the care home. It involves observations as well as completion of the workbook.  The topics covered are the understanding and enabling the assisting and moving of individuals, selecting and using appropriate techniques and equipment when dealing with falls, moving and positioning individuals in accordance with their plan of care, selecting appropriate equipment and also moving inanimate loads. 


Level 2 Award in Dementia Care

This course contains information that will allow the learner to gain the basic knowledge about dementia and its effects. It is generally aimed at new carers and domestics to give them an understanding on the effects of dementia on not only individuals themselves but those around them. Topics include the person centred approach to the care and support of individuals with dementia, factors that can influence communication and understanding equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care         


Level 2 Certificate in Dementia Care

​A natural progression from the Level 2 Award. It takes the learner to the next level of understanding Dementia and is primarily for Carers as there are several observations included in this workbook. Topics in this workbook also include approaches to enable rights and choices for individuals, understanding the administration of medication to individuals with dementia using a person-centred approach and understanding and meeting the nutritional requirements of individuals with dementia.

Level 3 Award in Dementia Care

For those that wish to progress to the next level of Dementia training. Also aimed at those who may wish to progress to senior carers or can even act as a CPD workbook for current seniors/nurses. It covers some of the topics in the previous Dementia courses but in more detail.


Level 2 Award in End of Life Care

This knowledge only qualification provides the opportunity to develop an understanding of different perspectives of death and dying and the impact it has on individuals. It covers the aims and principles of end of life care, communication factors, and how to access a range of support services in end of life care. It is aimed at all learners in the health and social care sector who are looking to develop their knowledge in this area.

Level 3 Award in Awareness of End of Life Care (RQF)

This qualification is the natural progression from the Level 2 Award, It covers topics such as how to provide support to those involved when working in end of life care and also understanding how to support those individuals they offer care to during their last days of life. It is aimed at learners in the health and social care sector who are looking to develop their knowledge in this area. 


Level 2 Award in Promoting Food Safety & Nutrition Care

Our Food Safety course is aimed at both carers and kitchen staff alike that includes observations as part of the qualification. The first part of the workbook concentrates on the hygiene behind food safety whist the latter part of the workbook covers the Care related aspect of food safety. Topics include, how to meet food safety requirements when providing food and drink for individuals, contributing to promoting nutrition and hydration and also supporting individuals to eat and drink.


This is a very popular course as it includes three short courses in 1 workbook which means three qualifications. Great for CPD!

The courses included are:

The Level 3 Award in understanding the Mental Capacity Act 2005

​The Level 2 Award in Stroke Awareness

The Level 2 Award in Awareness of End of Life of Care


Level 2 Certificate in Learning Disabilities

​This is a very comprehensive workbook that allows those working and supporting those with learning disabilities to understand and react accordingly to situations and enable them to offer the best support available. Topics include understanding the context of supporting individuals with learning disabilities, support person centred thinking and planning, principles of communication, providing active support, supporting an individual to maintain personal hygiene and also supporting  independence in the tasks of daily living. Again this book involves learner observations to ensure understanding of learning.


Level 2 Certificate in Understanding the handling of medication

This course allows learners to understand medication and why it is extremely important to handle them correctly. It covers topics such as understanding prescriptions, safe supply, storage and disposal of medication, record keeping and the general safe understanding of the administration of medication.  As a knowledge only course it is proving very popular with Care Providers. 

   Mental Health

Level 2 Certificate in Mental Health Awareness (RQF)

This qualification gives learners an understanding of the different types of mental health conditions and how they may affect an individual.